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"Verbal Massage"
I was suffering from a tense and sore muscle in my shoulder area. While I was listening to "Verbal Massage" the discomfort just melted away, because I became so-ooo relaxed."

Dru T. - Richardson, TX

Did you know..
When Hypnotized, you are always in complete control and will not do or say anything you wouldn’t while you were wide awake.

Self Hypnosis Steps

1. Decide what you want your goal to be. What do you want to change? Do you want to quit smoking, lose weight, or sleep better etc...

2. Write down all the ways you will benefit when you reach your goal.

3. Write down what you are doing that is triggering your current behavior.
for example - When I feel stressed I smoke or when I'm bored I eat

4. Write down positive affirmations about your goal.
for example - Each day I am motivated to exercise, or I only have the desire to eat healthy foods.

5. Sit down in a comfortable place with your arms and legs uncrossed.

6. Record your affirmations on a digital voice recorder. Listen to on your mp3 or CD player.

7. Listen to your recoding in the same place, everyday.

Darren Hiller
Certified Hypnotist
Dallas, TX 75287

Stop Smoking
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Why Hypnosis
In 1958 a report published by an AMA advisory committee on hypnosis, stated: “The use of hypnosis has a recognized place in the medical armamentarium that is a useful technique in the treatment of certain illnesses when employed by qualified medical and dental personnel”.

Emotional Freedom Technique



Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor.
Find a spot above eye level upon which to rest your eyes.
Soft focus and take in the whole room. Try to keep your eyes open for a while anyway. At some point your eyes will naturally close. Just let it happen when it does. Complete the sentence with observations in each of the three prime modalities, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (tactile sensations. e.g.: air temperature, textures, etc.)

Note: While it's optimal to observe different things, in the audio realm it is OK to repeat items if necessary - like if you are in a very quiet room and all you hear is one or two things. Remember that silence can be heard too.
1. "I am now aware that I see _________."
(Repeat 4 times, 4 different
visual observations)
2. "I am now aware that I hear _________."
(Repeat with 4 different auditory observations)
3. "I am now aware that I feel _________."
(Repeat with 4 different kinesthetic observations)
1. "I am now aware that I see _________."
(Repeat 3x, visual) 2. "I am now aware that I hear _________."(Repeat 3x, auditory)
3. "I am now aware that I feel _________." (Repeat 3x, kinesthetic)
1. "I am now aware that I see _________." (2x's)
2. "I am now aware that I hear _________." (2x's)
3. "I am now aware that I feel _________." (2x's)
1. "I am now aware that I see _________." (1x)
2. "I am now aware that I hear _________." (1x)
3. "I am now aware that I feel _________." (1x)

Repeat as needed until trance is satisfactory. And, even if you don't make it through the set once, when your eyes close take yourself (in your mind's eye) to a body of water. Enjoy some R & R there until you're ready to return.
To utilize this trance you can add your own suggestions once in the trance, or you can ask your unconscious mind before you begin, that while you are in trance it can go through and retrieve all useful and constructive references and resources pertinent to your issue at hand and have them available to you when you come out of trance. Then just trust that that will happen and enjoy your time by the water.
Hypnotherapy Outperforms Other Treatment Approaches for Smoking Cessation News Author: Martha Kerr October 23, 2007 (Chicago) Of hospitalized smokers who receive hypnotherapy, 50% show sustained quit rates 6 months after discharge. British pop singer Lily Allen has confessed that Hypnosis helped her lose weight Oct. 2007 She went from size 12 to size eight after several sessions. “After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad."

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